Wooden Tool Kit Set With Tool Box 33 Pieces

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Key Features:

  • The Tool Kit lets your kid learn about the importance of small objects like screws, nuts, bolts, and nails
  • It fosters creative play and enhances problem-solving abilities
  • Design vehicles, buildings, windmills, creatures, helicopter, airplane and any shape that inspires their imagination.
  • Your little ones can comfortably carry the box with the handle and play anywhere
  • All the materials used to manufacture the wooden tool kit are child-safe and non-toxic
  • They get made from natural wood and organic colors.


Type – Tool Set
Age – 3 Years+
Material – Wood
Dimensions – L 29.2 x B 21.2 x H 6.3 cm

Product Description:
Teach your kid to hammer a nail, fix a screw, measure the shapes, and attach them like the little Fixit Felix. Playing with the tool kit enhances their motor and problem-solving skills when they repair an automobile or try designing a new shape. Designed to last, we carefully selected first-class solid wood to make these wooden tools. They have smooth edges compared to real tools, protecting small hands from getting hurt and giving ample opportunity to role-play.

Items Included In the Package:
1 Wooden Tool Box, 2 Wrench, 1 Pliers, 1 Hammer, 1 Saw, 1 Ruler, 9 Assembly Piece, 3 Building Block, 4 Wheel, 6 Bolts, and 5 Nuts

Wooden Tool Kit Set With Tool Box 33 Pieces