Wooden Counting Fish Set – Multicolour

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Key Features:

  • Enhances thinking and memory
  • Attractive and colourful fish cut outs
  • 1 to 10 numbered attractive cut outs

Brand – Skola
Type – Counting Fish Board
Age – 3 to 5 Years
Product dimension – (L x B x H) 30 x 16 x 18 cm
Box dimension – (L x B x H) 32 x 19 x 17 cm
Weight – 2.2 Kg
Material – Wooden

Items Included In Pack:
1 Wooden Box with Slots
10 Wooden boards
10 Printed wooden fishes
1 to 10 numbered cut outs
An elegant exciting toy that introduces counting 1 to 10 in a concrete manner. Children in early years learn to count from 1 to 10 and would be able to say the numbers in sequence from 1 to 10 but in most cases that would be rote learning without understanding how the numbers are associated to specific quantity. Comprehension of the numeric symbol 2 representing a quantity of two is not something the child understands till much later unless introduced through a specific toy that is meant to help in this learning. This self correcting toy depicting underwater life, uses the fish swimming in water to give the child a concrete understanding of quantities from 1 to 10.

Country of Origin: India

Wooden Counting Fish Set - Multicolour