Mars Interactive Globe

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Key Features:

  • Educational game that ensures having fun and learning at the same time

  • An interactive globe to uncover the secrets of the red planet

  • Promotes imaginations, self learning, and creativity

  • Enhances motor skills and improves vocabulary


Type- Educational games

Age- 6 to 12 Years

Dimensions- L 26 x B 26 x H 34 cm

Product Description:

Orboot Mars by PlayShifu Visualize and uncover the secrets of the Red Planet with the first-ever Orboot Mars globe in AR. Go on fascinating missions and dig up Mars discoveries. A complete exploration across the solar system. Scan the globe with the app to explore realistic-looking spacecrafts in 3D. This educational toy uses the power of Augmented Reality to help kids visualise the red planet.

Items included in the package:

1 Globe

Mars rover 3D puzzle

1 Help Guide

Country of Origin: India

Mars Interactive Globe