House of Kids Flying Flash Ball Plane with Disco Lights – Multicolor

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Key features:

  • Quality and Safety: Environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, built-in rechargeable battery,kids will love and enjoy this fun amazing flying ball
  • Simple Operation: Light weight, you just launch the flying ball and then hold your hand underneath it to keep it in the air, especially designed for beginners
  • Colorful Disco Lights: Flying ball is a transparent crystal ball, the lights would flash and shine brightly when you turn it on, look very amazing and wonderful, especially in darkness at night

How to Play:
Slide switch to turn on the ball
Release the ball from your hand and let it fly up
After about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin
When the lights come on, hold the ball in a straight up position
When the ball starts to go down, put your hand, arm, leg, knee, (basically any solid surface!) underneath it for a short time (1-2 seconds) to make it go back up.

Brand – House of Kids
Type – Flying Ball Toy
Age – 3 Years+
Material – Plastic
Box Dimensions – L 16 x B 5.5 x H 19 cm
Product Dimensions – L 15.5 x B 5 x H 12 cm

Product Description:
House of Kids presents fantastic flying flash ball plane toy for kids. It is also called the mini helicopter, light weight, easy to fly with simple operation, especially designed for beginners and kids. The blades are well-made with flexible and tough features; the beams are updated and reinforced. All of these make the flying ball prevent from damaging in collision.

Propeller rotating at high speed, the hands can not touch the propeller position, in order to avoid danger!
Please keep away from faces and eyes when plying it.

Package Content:
1 Flying Ball with Disco Lights

Country of Origin: China

House of Kids Flying Flash Ball Plane with Disco Lights - Multicolor