FunBlast Rubik’s Cube – Multicolour

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Key Features:

  • Great brain teaser for the kids and a stress reliever for the adults after a long day
  • Hold the magic cube on both sides lightly, turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces has amazing color

Brand – FunbBast
Type – Rubik’s cube
Age –  3 Years+
Material – Plastic
Dimensions –  L 6 x B 6 x H 6 cm

Product Description:
This cube is extremely fast with excellent angle, fun rally speed. The Rubik cube feels very flexible and very soft to turn. This helps improve the coordination of the eyes of the hand, problem solving and logic. 

Items included in the pack:
1 Rubik’s cube

Country of Origin: India

FunBlast Rubik's Cube - Multicolour