Deformation Flying Football with LED Lights – Multicolour

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Key Features:

  • The soft rubber material is not easy to damage and can be switched freely between the two forms
  • Before you force the ball into a flying discs, use your finger to gently wipe the suction cup in middle of the ball, so it can keep the status of the flying discs a little longer, until you throw it out
  • Thick walls made from professional grade rubber. Professional quality with non-toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy rubbar. Explosion-proof and more durable comfortable grip, flexible material and 100% of ECO-friendly materials
  • Throw the disc and catch the ball. The ball has a glowing light option. Press it up and down, it will lay flat under external force. Then it will restore the ball shape after leaving it or throwing it in three seconds

Brand – Enorme
Type – Flying Football 
Age – 3 Years+ 
Product Height – L 22 x B 18 x H 10 cm
Material – Rubber

Product Description:
Throw a disc flying Soccer and grab a ball! The is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown One ball, multiple play ways, exercises children’s athletic ability and makes their childhood colourful. When you are not around, your baby’s perfect companion is also a good interactive toy. This Ball is a unique sports toy that transforms from a 9″ flying disc to a 6″ fun ball when thrown Its time-delay transformation adds a twist to the classic outdoor game of catch.

Items Included in the Package:
1 Flying Football  

Deformation Flying Football with LED Lights - Multicolour