Centy Rugged Pull Back Bike – Blue

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Key Features

  • Pull back and go speed and action for loads of fun
  • Pullback and feel the Adrenalin pumping
  • Unscrew and replace the pull back mechanism with free wheel cap
  • Realistic toy tyre tread
  • Comes with til-table side stand, rotatable handle bar and realistic seat design
  • The perfect gift for vehicle lovers of all ages

Brand – Centy
Type – Toy Bike
Age – 3 Years+
Package Dimension – 18.5 x 7 x 17 cm
Product Dimensions – 14 x 6 x 7.5 cm

Items Included in Pack 
1 Rugged Bike This Rugged Bike from Centy Toy is to the most realistic, detailed and quality scale model of the Rugged Bike adhering strictly to all quality norms. Centy toys inspire children’s imagination as well as promoting their physical and intellectual development. Children will love stunting, racing, or crashing with this train. Children will love learn so much about automobiles in a fun way. It’s the perfect gift for vehicle lovers of all ages. Centy toys has created  innovative educational Rugged Bike miniature toy for every developmental stage of childhood.

Country of Origin: India

Centy Rugged Pull Back Bike - Blue