Beech Wood Train Track Set 69 Pieces – Multicolour

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Key Features 

  • This exclusive wooden train set comes with 69 pieces to let the children build, create, change, and shape their own world in endless ways
  • It is an open-ended toy that keeps your child engaged for hours 
  • Parents will love watching their children learn, grow, and have fun creating their own little train station
  • NESTA Toys is dedicated to ensuring the quality of all wooden toys we sell
  • The wooden toy train track set has been tested and certified as non-toxic, BPA-safe, lead-safe and phthalates-safe
  • It is made of high-quality wood and water-based paints ensuring safe play for kids


Type – Train Track 
Age – 3 Years+
Material – Plastic
Dimension – L 35 x B 33 x H 10 cm

Product Description:
Start your creative engineer off on the right track with NESTA Toys 69 Pieces Beech Wood Train Track Set. 31 wood train tracks that easily connect, 3 magnetic trains that travel on the track as per the direction given by your toddler, a helicopter to fly, 3 automobiles (Police car, ambulance, and a happy bus) to drive, an airport playset, a bus station along with 3 fish and a fishing rod! This is a perfect playset that replicates the train station and the area around it. We at NESTA Toys believe in the power of play. Playtime fosters children’s imagination, creativity, reasoning, and skillset. Our wooden train set promotes logical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skill development. The train functions help improve a child’s spatial awareness and fine motor skills. Track building is an open-end play. Kids can use their imagination and creativity to build the track, build airport, station, and the city of their imagination. We prefer not to give instructions and let the child use his creativity to build the track.

Items included in package 
1 Train Track Set

Beech Wood Train Track Set 69 Pieces - Multicolour