Baby Panda Gyro Swing Car With Steering Wheel – Black & White

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Key Features:

  • Made From High-Quality Virgin Plastic, Rugged And Durable
  • Powered By Easy Twisting Of The Steering Wheel
  • No Pedals, No Gears And No Batteries Are Required For Movement
  • Safe, Fun And Easy To Use
  • Easy To Assemble

Brand – Babyhug
Type – Panda Gyro Swing Car
Ideal age 18 Months
Manufacturer’s recommended age 36 Months
Child Height – 3 Feet
Dimensions – L 78 x B 36 x H 38 cm
Battery for Music and Light – 2×1.5V AA ( not included)
Material – High-Quality Virgin Plastic
Carrying capacity – Up to 70 kg

Items included in the Package:
1 Panda Gyro Swing Car


  • Children must be supervised by an adult during use.
  • Avoid using on slopes, stairs etc.
  • Not suitable for children under 18 Months of age.
  • Ensure children are wearing appropriate protective gear while riding.

Adult Assembly required

Babyhug presents a fabulous Baby Panda Gyro-Swing Car for your little riders. This Swing Car is made from high-quality virgin plastic, rugged and durable. Kids will like its vivid, sleek and aerodynamic look, just like a racing car. This Swing car is not only stylish and easy to operate, but also economic. No pedals, no gears and no batteries are required for movement. All it needs is a smooth, flat surface, just twist its steering wheel and off you go.

How Does It Work
To propel the Swing Car, rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse! To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car.
To stop the Swing Car, just cease rotating the steering wheel and, when the car slows down put your feet on the ground to bring it to a halt.
Works best on smooth, flat surfaces, like laminate flooring and outdoors on the pavement.

Note: The front small wheels of swing cars are designed in such a way that they do not touch the ground.
Country of Origin: India

Baby Panda Gyro Swing Car With Steering Wheel - Black & White